Want to understand and enjoy learning God’s Word, the Bible? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

You’ll benefit from a wealth of “everyday stories” and easy humor as you learn to apply scriptural truth to your own daily journey.

Ralph Moore’s extensive travels across the world coupled with his love for history combine to bring depth and color to his very simple teaching style. The goal of his Bible teaching has always been to equip Christ-followers to lead more fruitful and productive lives.

Ralph’s 27 years of Bible teaching on the radio in Honolulu make up the bulk of the messages offered on this website. Many of the sermons were originally formatted for radio as “The Word of Hope Broadcast.” They’ve been modified for your benefit. In addition, you’ll enjoy more recent teaching culled from his travels across the globe. To make this even better, through the generosity of others, everything on this site is FREE. We're really just trying to enrich your life as best we can. If you listen and enjoy, please pass along the blessing through social media.

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